Registro de modelos de utilidad

Utility Models

Utility Model Registration

The Utility Model protects the inventions The utility model protects inventions with one inventive range lower than the protected by the patent registration, consisting, for example, give a new utility or practical advantage to an object. The device, instrument or tool to be protected by the utility model is defined by its usefulness and practicality, not its aesthetic as in Industrial Design Registration.

The protection given by the Utility Model Registration is similar to the given by the Patent Registration but its legal life is non-extendable 10 years from the filing date.

Utility model application by including composition of memory and plans 800.00€
>> Collection and shipment of the Official Qualification of Authorization, by including payment for authorization rights and maintenance warnings (annual payments not included) 150.00€

(*) All the prices including VAT and official taxes

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